We at PCT are taking every precaution to protect against and prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, the Massachusetts Medical Society, and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, we have implemented the following measures to ensure that our clients, and our clinicians, remain safe:

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • All PCT clinicians have been fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and regularly undergo wellness checks and temperature assessments.
  • Clinicians wear all the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) necessary to complete a physical therapy session. This includes and is not limited to the use of: N-95 masks, surgical masks, face shields, goggles, disposable gowns, gloves, shoe covers, and the use of hand sanitizer while in the home.
  • All equipment is sterilized prior to, during, and after each therapy session. When possible, equipment is left with the client to limit any cross contamination.
  • Clients are screened via a comprehensive phone interview prior to in-person meetings and an appropriate waiting period is applied if the client has been out of state or exposed to the Covid-19 virus.
  • Clinicians regularly undergo updated education regarding the CDC updates on the virus, the rate of spread and existence of variants, and the recommended care standards for the groups at greatest risk of infection.
  • PCT offers telehealth appointments to ensure that no one misses a session regardless of their situation. We are dedicated to keeping you well and offer multiple platforms for telehealth sessions.

We are committed to keeping the client and their family safe while providing the best possible care for our patient population.

The following links are helpful resources for further information regarding Covid-19:
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